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Thoughts From Fay
Thoughts From Fay
by Fay Fowler

I believe most collectors of Carnival Glass stumbled into this delightful journey, and their stories have to be heartwarming and sometimes humorous. Such is surely the case with me. I visited a yard sale in NH one spring several years ago and found two elderly sisters, one 89 and the other 91, who were selling their household items and moving into a retirement home. I admired a ruffled edged, green bowl with coin dots on it that appeared to reflect rainbow colors like a prism, and I knew, somehow, that $8 was just too little a price for such
a beauty. I cornered the 89 year old sister and told her as much, but my comment drew an unexpected response. With hand on her hip and in a gruffy voice, she proclaimed, "Well, that's the price, Sweetie. Take
it or leave it." I took it! I got out of there and never looked back.

Now, I buy piece by piece the same way -- determining my "bargains" by the appeal of the piece and never looking back. If I see a piece I like, no matter how common or rare its pattern or how high or low the experts declare its value, if my pocketbook can afford it, I
get it. My little, meager display of glassware is humble compared to those "big players" in this game, but you know what? It brings me as much pleasure as their collection of treasures brings them.

If you have stumbled into Carnival Glass collecting as I did, here's advice to you -- in order not to keep stumbling any further, pay attention to this website's wisdom and learn all you can. While I have to love the piece to buy it, I want to make sure it is authentic and vintage so I wanted to learn about this hundred year old art. I found
Donna on her Carnival Heaven site, and she took me under her wing. She has encouraged, guided, taught, enlightened, and even shaped my continued collecting frenzy. I know firsthand that if you have a question, she will make time to answer it; if you have a suggestion, she will entertain it; if you have a yen for a particular piece, she will hunt for it for you; and, above all, she will never lead you astray.

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