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Compiled by D/D Fry厖.7/10/03

This area of collecting old Carnival Glass involves plates of varying size?.Generally speaking, chop plates are those ranging from about 9 ½? 13? Since Chrysanthemum and Homestead, both from Imperial Glass, have never been found in bowl form, we presume they are 搃ntended?plates. The other patterned examples we call chop plates have indeed been seen in bowl form far more often than in the flattened shape. In discussing plate shape, whether 6? 9? or these larger sizes, it should be clear that straight edges are the modus operandi. Sometimes an example with ever so slightly turned outer edges are referred to as 損late? when in fact, they cannot be considered a 搕rue plate? This size is not available nearly as often as the two smaller sizes mentioned.
We will discuss eighteen patterns here, which is only about half of those known. We suggest that for your further exploration into this subject, a membership in the HOACGA Club will enable you to purchase a notebook section covering the spectrum. That collectors club maintains a loose-leaf insert covering individual categories of many types of old carnival glass, creating a new section with color-photos each year. This is a worthwhile learning tool for Beginners.

Chop Plates

Left - Acanthus, Right - Cherry Chain.

ACANTHUS - Panel exterior - 10?size Maker - Imperial Found in Marigold and Smoke.

CHERRY CHAIN - Orange Tree exterior -11" size - Maker - Fenton - Found in Marigold and White

Left - Chrysanthemum, Right - Cosmos Variant.

CHRYSANTHEMUM - Fine Rib exterior - 10 ½?size - Maker - Imperial - Found in Amber, Amethyst, Green, Marigold, Smoke, White - Some have a Nu-Art signature.  (This plate has been reproduced. The exterior is plain.)

COSMOS VARIANT -  Panels exterior -  10 ½?size - Maker - Dugan - Found in Marigold.

Left - Plain, Right - Garden Path Variant

PLAIN - Cosmos & Cane exterior - 10 ¾?size - Maker - US Glass - Found in Honey Amber and White - Pattern is on the exterior. At least one plate is known in Vaseline base.

GARDEN PATH VARIANT - Soda Gold exterior - 11?size - Maker - Dugan - Found in Amethyst, Marigold and Peach Opalescent.

Left - Hattie, Right - Heavy Grape

HATTIE - Hattie exterior - 10 ½?size - Maker - Imperial - Found in Amber, Amethyst, Clambroth, Green and Marigold - Plate has same pattern front and back.

HEAVY GRAPE - Plain exterior - 11 ¼?size - Maker - Imperial - Found in Amber, Amethyst, Green, Marigold and Smoke.

Left - Heavy Web, Right - Homestead

HEAVY WEB - Grape Clusters exterior - 12 ½?size - Maker - Dugan - Found in Peach Opal  - (believed to be fewer than six known).

HOMESTEAD - Fine Rib exterior - 10 ½?size - Maker - Imperial - Found in Amber, Amethyst, Blue, Green, Marigold, Smoke, and White -
Some have a Nu-Art signature. (This plate has been reproduced. The exterior is plain.)

Left - Little Flowers, Right - Peacock and Urn.

LITTLE FLOWERS - Wide Panel exterior - 10 ½?size - Maker - Fenton - Found in Marigold.

PEACOCK & URN - Maker - Millersburg - Panels exterior - 11 ½?size - Found in Amethyst and Marigold.

Left - Peacock and Urn, Right - Persian Garden

PEACOCK & URN - Maker - Northwood - Panels exterior - 11?size - Found in Amethyst, four are known in Ice Green and one each in Marigold and White.

PERSIAN GARDEN - Basketweave exterior - 12 ¾?size - Maker - Dugan - Found in Amethyst, Peach Opal and White.  The example shown is the only known LAVENDER example.

Left - Persian Medallion, Right - Stag and Holly.

PERSIAN MEDALLION - Maker - Fenton - Plain exterior - 10 ½?size - Found in Blue.

STAG & HOLLY - Maker - Fenton - Wide Panel exterior- 12?size - Found in Marigold  - (This plate has ball feet).

Left - Three-Row Open Edge, Right - Wishbone and Spades

THREE-ROW OPEN EDGE - Basketweave exterior - 9 ¾?size - Maker - Fenton - One known in White and one in Ice Blue.

WISHBONE & SPADES - Plain exterior - 10 ¾?size - Maker - Dugan - Found in Amethyst  - (One known in Peach Opal).

 Basketweave Exterior of Persian Garden
Basketweave Exterior of Persian Garden

 Soda Gold Exterior of Garden Path
Soda Gold Exterior of Garden Path

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