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US Glass - Part 5
U.S. GLASS - Part 5
COVERED FROG - 5 and on-half in. nose to tail - 3 and one-half in. tall.
COVERED FROG - 5 1/2 inches nose to tail - 3 1/2 inches tall

COVERED FROG:  Candy container in 搑are form? Very desirable when they 搄ump up?into view, marigold, white, ice blue, ice green and vaseline have been found. All colors are rare. One of these rare frogs brought $650 in 1997. Classed as a novelty, and placed in the U.S. Conglomerate of manufacturers we believe. Just which of those 19 companies  may have produced it, remains speculation. The frog is 5 ½?long and stands about 4?tall. The ice green example pictured here, sold for $464. in  October 2004.
PINEAPPLE & FAN Liquor Set - Ten and one-half inch Tray
Tumble Up Guest Set
Liquor Set - 10 1/2 inch Tray

PINEAPPLE and FAN: This marigold guest set (tumble-up), a cordial set, and a wine set are known in this rare pattern. None of the sets become available with any regularity, yet sell reasonably when they do. A 7-piece marigold cordial  or liquor set sold for $600 in a 1993 auction. The Tumble -up set stands 7?tall, with a 4?base diam. The tumbler alone, measures 3 3/8?tall.
U.S. Glass 1909 Domestic Catalog - whether the table set was ever iridized, we cannot say.
U.S. Glass 1909 Domestic Catalog -
whether the table set was ever iridized, we cannot say.
PINEAPPLE & FAN Flat Server-9.25 in. wide.
PINEAPPLE & FAN Tobacco Jar or Humidor. 4 1/2 inches tall. Base is 2 1/2 inches - Jar holds 19 1/2 ounces.
PINEAPPLE & FAN Flat Server-9.25 inches wide.

PINEAPPLE and FAN  Tobacco Jar or Humidor: is actually quite ample in its capacity of  nearly 20 ounces. It could accommodate jelly for table use, or for holding candy.

PINEAPPLE and FAN  Flat Server or Cake Stand: Considering the fact that the PINEAPPLE & FAN pattern was produced from 1906 to 1927, it is remarkable that more iridized shapes have not been discovered. Marigold is the prevailing color. Marketed in South America,  if this is one of the molds which may have been sold/traded to a glass manufacturer 搒outh of the border? perhaps some of the shapes continue to be produced there today?
US Glass HOBSTAR BAND Footed water pitcher-note tumbler having straight sides.
US Glass HOBSTAR BAND Footed water pitcher
Note tumbler having straight sides.

HOBSTAR BAND Footed water set: (referred to as the 搗ariant? is found more infrequently than the set having straight sides. The star design on the underside of the foot is quite attractive. This pitcher is lighter in weight to the larger one, as well. The tumbler for this pitcher has straight sides. When we purchased the tumbler from the late John Britt some years ago, he explained the appropriate tumbler for each pitcher.
HOBSTAR BAND Water Pitcher-8 in. tall with a 5.5 in. base diameter.
HOBSTAR BAND-flared top-belongs with the flat-base straight pitcher.
HOBSTAR BAND Water Pitcher
8 inches tall with a 5.5 inch base diameter.
HOBSTAR BAND-flared top-belongs with the flat-base straight pitcher.

HOBSTAR BAND Pitcher: This has straight sides, with an accompanying  tumbler having a slightly flared top.  The band of hobstars around the base of the pieces dictates the pattern name.

HOBSTAR BAND Tumbler: having the slightly flared top, matches the pitcher with straight sides/flat bottom.
HOBSTAR BAND Celery Vase - 6 inches tall.
HOBSTAR BAND Compote - 4.75 in. tall x 6 in. across top.
6 inches tall.
HOBSTAR BAND Compote - 4.75 inches tall by 6 inches across the top.

HOBSTAR BAND Celery Vase: Marigold is the color usually found in this piece, but a green one having light iridescence sold in 1993 for a mere $35.

HOBSTAR BAND Compote: The unmistakable base design and the beautiful faceted section of the stem enhance the piece tremendously, although the marigold overlay could be more pronounced. Little has been written about this compote. Mrs. Hartung did not list it. We believe that there are fewer than a dozen of these in existence. One of our favorite shapes is the compote in any pattern. This particular compote came our way quite early-on in our collecting, and we have always been pleased to own it.

All the pieces found in Hobstar Band pattern have an amber appearance to the marigold, much like the honey amber found in the Cosmos and Cane and the Palm Beach patterns from U.S. Glass.
Closeup of U.S. Glass WHIRLING STAR Punch Cup
Closeup of WHIRLING STAR Punch Cup

U.S. Glass - WHIRLING STAR Punch Set: Our partner Donna Adler feels this punch set may be an Indiana Glass product because it bears such a striking resemblance in size and shape to the small Heirloom carnival glass punch sets Indiana Glass reissued in the 1970's. There may be a connection here but Donna has been unable to find it. There are no records to confirm that Indiana Glass is responsible for the mould. Attribution for this Whirling Star pattern has always been attached to U.S. Glass. Production of this punch set is pinpointed to the 1920's time frame.

 (Comment) We might guess that the same designer / moldmaker  created this pattern and the dome footed compote in Cosmos and Cane. The series of rings on the stem are so similar!

Much smaller in size than the Imperial punch set having the same name, these are so seldom available that very few of the seasoned collectors are likely to have seen one or recognized the pattern should they have seen one.  Marigold is the only known color. Standing with bowl on base, the height is 8 5/8? The bowl is 11?across the opening. Bottom of the base is 5 ½?across. Cups are 2 3/8?high, with an opening of 2 5/8? The marie (collar base) on the cups has a width of 2?

When Alma Ricketts of MO sold the last of her vast collection in a July 2004 Wroda Auction in Ohio, we were able for the first time in our thirty years of collecting to locate, identify and purchase this extremely rare and lovely punch set! Alma commented that she had probably owned it for close to  30 years. Who would dare comment that this is ?I>just marigold ? (smile).

Imperial version of WHIRLING STAR Punch Set as seen in the Imperial Catalog #104A - non-iridized.
Imperial version of WHIRLING STAR Punch Set
as seen in the Imperial Catalog #104A - non-iridized.

Imperial Glass WHIRLING STAR Punch Set:  In lieu of a marigold set for comparison, we offer this Imperial Catalog 104A photo. Known in this catalog as part of the Nucut crystal line #0500, primarily produced in non-iridized crystal. Only on rare occasion, does one of the impressive and massive banquet-size punch sets surface in marigold. Bowl on base stand 13?tall! Since this Imperial set is nearly twice the size of the U.S. Glass set, there can be no misidentification. Only the pattern names are alike.

Dean & Diane Fry - 9/05

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