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Halloween - McKee
Halloween Jar
Halloween Tankard
Halloween Tankard and Mugs
Halloween Tumbler - flared sides
Halloween Tumbler - straight sides
Hanging Cherries - Millersburg
Berry Set - Marigold
Bowl - Marigold
Chop plate - 10" - Marigold
Compote - Marigold
Milk Pitcher (Drape Base), Amethyst
Milk Pitcher, Amethyst
Milk Pitcher, Blue
Milk Pitcher, Green
Milk Pitcher, Marigold
Plate - 8" - Amethyst
Plate, flat - 8" - Amethyst
Plate - 8" - Green
Plate - 10" - Green
Small plate - 6" - Marigold
Sauce - 6" - Blue
Tumbler, Green
Tumbler, Marigold
Water Pitcher, Green
Water Pitcher, Marigold

Harvest Flower Tumbler - Purple
Harvest Poppy Compote - Green
Banded Berry Cluster
Banded Flower
Banded Flower
Bars and Beads
Bee on Honeycomb ?Lavender
Border Path
Border Plant Variant
Brass Ormolu
Butler's Mirror
Butterfly - Black Amethyst
Circle Delight
Concentric Circles - Amber
Concentric Circles - Purple
Deep - Cut Twist
Dimples & Brilliants
Dinner Ring
Double Crown
Encased in Metal
Encircled with Metal
Faceted Butterfly
Faceted Butterfly
Ferris Wheel
Floral Arcs
Floral Triad
Four of Hearts
Good Luck
Horned Owl
Jute Braid
King Spider - Green
King Spider - Purple
Knotty Tree Bark
Leaf and Veiling
Little Clover
Looped Buckle
Pale Blue - No Name
Pith Helmet - Green
Ring Tailed Pheasant-Black Amethyst
Rose Bud
Rooster - Amber
Rooster - Blue
Rooster - Celeste Blue
Rooster - Green
Rooster - Lavender
Rooster - White
Scarab Shell
Single Crown
Six Plums
Spider - Amber
Spider - Amber
Spider - Celeste
Spiral Dance
Spring Buds
Square Molded
Star and Flower
Star Center
Star of David
Star of David and Baquettes
Star Prisim
Stylized Scarab
Sunflower Basket
Sun's Up - Raspberry
Swirling Hearts
Three Flowers
Three Flowers
Three Hearts
Throw Pillow
Top O'The Morning - Black Amethyst
Tufted Throw Pillow
Twin Gators
Wave Wheel
Hatpin Holders
Butterfly & Berry - Marigold
Formal - Amethyst
Formal - Marigold
Grape & Cable Banded-Amethyst
Grape & Cable Standard-Green
Orange Tree Footed - Green
Orange Tree Footed - Marigold
Woodlands - Marigold
Oct 1909 Butler Bros. Ad
Hattie - Imperial
Hattie Chop Plate - Helios Green
Hattie Chop Plate - Marigold
Hattie Rosebowl - Helios

HEART- shaped bowl, Marigold - Millersburg
October 1909 Butler Bros. Ads
Heart and Horseshoe - Marigold
Heartband - McKee
Heartband Creamer
Heartband Mug
Heartband Mug - McKee ad
Heartband Open Sugar
Heartband Sugar - Gold Trim
Heartband Tumbler - Gold Trim
Heartband Tumbler - marigold
Heartband Tumbler with Enameled Flowers
Hearts & Flowers - Northwood
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Hearts and Flowers bowl - lime green PCE
Hearts and Flowers Bowl - PCE - Marigold
Hearts and Flowers compote - Lime Green
Hearts and Flowers plate - green
Hearts and Trees - Fenton
Hearts and Trees Bowl - Ice Cream shape - green
Hearts and Trees Bowl - Ruffled - marigold
Heavy Diamond - Imperial
Heavy Diamond Creamer - Marigold
Heavy Diamond Nappy - Marigold
Heavy Diamond Nappy - Marigold
Heavy Diamond Sugar - Marigold
Heavy Diamond Vase - Marigold
Heavy Diamond Vase - Smoke
Butler Bros. Ad - Little Jewel
Butler Bros. Ad - New Jewel

Heavy Grape - DUGAN
Heavy Grape - Imperial
Bowl, 6" - Marigold
Bowl, IC shape 8? blue
Bowl, ruffled 8? blue
Bowl, 9?- Lt. Blue
Bowl, 10" - Helios
Imperial Catalog
Bowl, rayed marie - Blue
Bowl, unrayed marie - Blue
Chop Plate - Helios
Chop Plate, marigold
Chop Plate, purple
Chop plate - White
Hexagon - Cane bowl - Marigold
Nappy - Aqua
Nappy - Helios
Nappy - Purple
Plate, 8" - Helios
Plate, 8" - Marigold. - (35) Grapes
Plate, 8" - Smoke - (35) Grapes
Plate, 8" - Vaseline - (29) Grapes
Punch Cup - Green
Punch Set - Marigold
Imperial Catalog Ad - Heavy Grape Punch Set
Imperial Catalog Ad - Punch Sets
Reproduction bowl - Peach Opal
Fenton Mark
Rococo dome - footed 9?bowl - Marigold
Rococo 5?6?ruffled bowl - Marigold
Heavy Grape Variant - Imperial
Heavy Grape Vt. berry set, Marigold
Heavy Grape Vt. large berry bowl - Marigold
Heavy Grape Vt. small berry bowl - Marigold
Heavy Grape Vt. - large and small berry bowl exteriors - Marigold
Heavy Grape Vt. plate, purple - Interior and Exterior
Heavy Grape Vt. bowl, Marigold - Interior and Exterior
Heavy Grape Vt. bowl, Marigold - base and side view

Heavy Hobnail Vase - Green
Heavy Iris - Dugan
Heavy Iris Hat - White
Heavy Iris Tankard, Peach Opal
Heavy Iris Vase ?Blue (Contemporary)
Heavy Iris Water Set - Marigold
Heavy Iris Water Set - Purple
Heavy Pineapple - Fenton
Heavy Pineapple Footed Bowl
Heavy Pineaple Footed Bowl - Blue - Side View
Heavy Pineapple footed Bowl - Blue - Exterior
Heavy Pineapple footed bowl - Marigold 01
Heavy Pineapple footed Bowl - Marigold 02
Heavy Web - Dugan
Heavy Web - Peach Opal
Heavy Web Bowl - ruffled - Peach Opal
Heavy Web Bowl - square - Peach Opal
Heavy Web Plate - Peach Opal
Heisey Glass
Basket - 10?Clear Etched
Basket - 9?Marigold
Baskets - Advertising - Marigold
Bon Bon with handles
Candlesticks - Marigold
Candlestick - #357
Colonial Pattern
Etched Star Basket
Plate in pale marigold
Plate base marked with Diamond H
Melon Rib Spittoon-Lavender
Melon Rib Spittoon-Marigold
Heron Mug - Dugan
Heron Mug
1912 Butler Bros. Ad

Herringbone and Beaded Oval Compote ?Marigold - Exterior
Herringbone and Beaded Oval Compote - Marigold - Interior
Herringbone and Mums Tumbler - Marigold - Jeannette Glass
Hickam Banana Boat - marigold
HELIOS GREEN - 1912 Butler Bros. Catalog Ad
Hexagon and Cane - Imperial
Hexagon and Cane Bowl, (i.e.) # 490 ½ Exterior - Marigold
Hexagon and Cane Bowl, # 490 ½ Interior, Marigold
Hexagon and Cane Sugar, Marigold
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad - #490 ½ - 8?Bowl - Hexagon and Cane
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad - #502 - 9?Bowl - Hexagon and Cane
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad - Hexagon and Cane Sugar

Hibiscus Pitcher - Jeannette Glass
Higbee Glass
Banded Barrel Toothpick - marigold
Diamond Fountain Cruet - marigold
Fine Cut Star & Fan Banana Shape - marigold
Paneled Thistle Tumbler - light marigold
Ribbed Elipse Mug - amber - marigold
Sawtoothed Honeycomb (similarity) - marigold
Souvenir Millersburg Glass - Founded 1909 (Toothpick)
Ten Pointed Star Mug - honey amber
Twin Teardrops or Anona Plate (Reverse) - amber
Twin Teardrops or Anona Plate (Interior) - amber
Hobnail - Millersburg
Hobnail - Exterior - Green
Hobnail Pitcher - Amethyst
Hobnail Pitcher - Blue
Hobnail Spittoon - Amethyst
Hobnail Spittoon - Green
Hobnail Water set - Marigold

Hobnail and Cane Exterior pattern
Hobstar - Imperial
Hobstar Biscuit Jar - Marigold
Hobstar Butter, Creamer, Spooner - Helios
Hobstar Cracker Jar (IG marked) - Helios
Hobstar Flower Compote, Marigold
Hobstar Pickle Castor, Marigold and metal
Hobstar - Cambridge
Punch Bowl and Base - Green
Hobstar and Arches - Imperial
Hobstar & Arches 9?Bowl, Marigold
Hobstar & Arches Fruit Bowl, Marigold
Hobstar Band - US Glass
Hobstar Band 9?Bowl - Marigold (2)
Hobstar Band 5 ½?Bowl Whimsey - Marigold
Hobstar Band Celery - Marigold
Hobstar Band Compote - Marigold
Hobstar Band Spooner - Green
Hobstar Band Sugar - Marigold
Hobstar Band Footed water set - Marigold
Hobstar Band Straight-sided pitcher - Marigold
Hobstar Band flared tumbler for straight sided pitcher - Marigold
Hobstar and Feather - Millersburg
Hobstar and Feather Butterdish, Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Compote, Marigold
Hobstar and Feather Compote, marigold
Hobstar and Feather Giant Rosebowl - Green
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Flared bowl - Marigold
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Fleur De Lis Interior - Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Punch Bowl and Base - Marigold
Fleur de Lis Interior
December 1909 Butler Bros. Ad
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Tulip Top - Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Green
Hobstar and Feather Punch Base - Vaseline
Hobstar and Feather Punch Bowl shaped rosebowl, green
Hobstar and Feather Rosebowl - Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Rosebowl, crystal
Hobstar and Feather Rosebowl - Marigold
Hobstar and Feather Sauce, amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Spooner, Green
Hobstar and Feather Spooner, Vaseline
Hobstar and Feather Square Bowl - Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Vase, green
Hobstar and Fruit - Westmoreland
Hobstar and Fruit Banana Boat - Mgld. - Ext.
Hobstar and Fruit Banana Boat - Mgld. - Int.
Hobstar and Fruit Banana Boat - P.O. - Ext.
Hobstar and Fruit Banana Boat - P.O. Int.
Hobstar and Fruit bowl exterior
Hobstar and Fruit bowl interior
Hobstar & Tassels - Imperial
Hobstar & Tassels crystal bowl
1909 Imperial Catalog Ad
Hobstar & Tassels exterior of purple bowl
Hobstar and Tassels Bowl - Helios
Hobstar and Tassels Bowl - Marigold
Hobstar Flower - Imperial
Hobstar Flower Compote - Helios Green
Hobstar Flower Compote - Purple

Holiday Tray - Marigold
Hollow Candlesticks - Dugan
Hollow - Mould Blown, Ice Green
Hollow - Mould Blown, Marigold
Holly ?Fenton
Holly - Bowl, 3/1 - Aqua
Holly - Bowl, I.C. - Celeste
Holly - Bowl, I.C - Ice Green
Holly bowl - green - 3/1 edge
Holly - Bowl, Deep - Marigold
Holly - Bowl, 3/1 - Marigold over Moonstone
Holly bowl - moonstone - 3/1 edge
Holly bowl - vaseline - ruffled
Holly Compote - Celeste
Holly Compote - Lime Green Opal
Holly - Compote, Marigold - Banana shape
Holly - Compote, White - Ruffled
Holly - Hat, CRE - Blue
Holly hat - moonstone
Mid Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Holly Hat - Red
Holly - Hat, Ruffled - Green
Holly - Nutbowl, White
Holly - Plate, 9?Yellow base
Holly - Plate, 9?White - Black Paint
Holly Plate - Marigold
Holly Ruffled Bowl - Red
Holly and Berry - Dugan
Holly and Berry Bowl - Purple
Holly and Berry Nappy - Purple
Holly and Berry 8?ruffled bowl - P.O.
Holly and Berry spade shaped nappy - P.O.
Holly Sprig - Millersburg
Holly Sprig
Holly Sprig bonbon- marigold
Holly Sprig marie (Isaac Benesch & Sons)
Holly Sprig Nappy - amethyst
Holly Sprig Rosebowl
Holly Sprig - Two handle banana boat - Amethyst
Holly Sprig - Two handle bonbon - Marigold
Benesch Advertising
Holly Sprig Variant
Holly Sprig Variant - Bowl - Green - Interior
Holly Sprig Variant - Bowl - Green - Exterior
Holly Sprig Variant - marigold - 3/1
Holly Sprig Variant - marigold - IC
Holly Whirl - Millersburg
Holly Whirl
Holly Whirl - amethyst
Holly Whirl - Compote - Amethyst
Holly Whirl - IC shape bowl - 9? Amethyst
Holly Whirl - IC shape bowl - 7 ¾?bowl - Amethyst
Holly Whirl - Square bowl - Amethyst
Holly Whirl - CRE bowl- Green
Holly Whirl - Two handle bonbon - Green
Holly Whirl - Tri-corner bowl - Green
Holly Whirl - Tri-corner nappy - Mgld.
Holly Whirl - Bowl with Near Cut Ext. - Marigold
Holly Whirl - Two handle bonbon - Marigold
Holly Sprig - Holly Swirl
Holly Sprig - Holly Whirl 9?Bowl ?Amethyst
Holly Sprig - Holly Whirl 9?Bowl ?Mgld.
Holly Sprig - Holly Whirl Vt. 6?Bowl ?Mgld.
Holly Sprig - Holly Whirl Vt. 8?Bowl ?Amethyst
Holly Sprig - Holly Whirl Compote - Green
Homestead - Imperial
Homestead Chop Plate - Amber
Homestead Chop Plate - Helios

Honey Jar - Marigold
Honeycomb - Dugan
Honeycomb Banana Bowl - Peach Opal
Honeycomb bowl, Amethyst
Honeycomb bowl,  Amethyst (Tri-Corner)
Honeycomb bowl,  Marigold
Honeycomb bowl, Oxblood
Honeycomb, bowl, Peach Opal
Honeycomb, bowl, Peach Opal
Honeycomb plate, Amethyst
Honeycomb - Rosebowl - Marigold
Honeycomb and Clover - Fenton
Honeycomb and Clover bonbon - amethyst - two sides up
Honeycomb and Clover Bonbon, Green
October 1909 Butler Bros. Ad
Honeycomb and Clover Bonbon - Green
Honeycomb and Clover Bonbon - Marigold
Honeycomb and Clover Bon Bon - marigold - banana shape
Honeycomb and Clover Bowl - 5.5? Amethyst
Honeycomb and Clover Bowl - 9?- Amethyst
Honeycomb and Clover Bowl - Exterior pattern - Green
Honeycomb and Clover Spooner - Marigold
Honeycomb and Clover Tumbler, Marigold
Honeycomb - Imperial
Honeycomb Compote, Marigold
1909 Imperial Catalog Ad

Honeycomb & Hobstar Vase
Honeybee Honeypot - Teal blue
Horn of Plenty Vase - Marigold
Horse Chestnut Plate - Blue
Horsehead or Horse Medallion - Fenton
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Bowl - Celeste
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Bowl - Cherry Red
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Bowl - Dark Red
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Bowl - Marigold
Horsehead or Horse Medallion JIP Bowl - Green
Horsehead or Horse Medallion - Plate - Blue
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Rosebowl - Green
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Rosebowl - Lime Green
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Rosebowl - Red
Horsehead or Horse Medallion Rosebowl - Red

Howard Furniture Advertising, Green Four Pillars
Hyacinth Lamp
Hyacinth Vase

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