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Octagon - Imperial
Octagon Bowl - Blue
Octagon Bowl - Helios
Octagon Bowl - Square - Helios
Imp. Catalog 104A - Octagon bowl
Octagon Compote - Helios
Octagon Compote, Marigold
Octagon Compote, Purple
Catalog Ad, Octagon Compote
Octagon Compote Repro., Blue
Octagon Compote, Teal
Octagon Cordial - marigold
Octagon Milk Pitcher - Marigold
Octagon Milk Pitcher - Imperial Catalog 104A
Octagon Milk Pitcher - Purple
Octagon Nappy - Marigold
Octagon Pitcher - Helios
Octagon Pitcher and Tumbler - Marigold
Octagon Pitcher and Tumbler - Purple
Octagon Sherbet - Marigold
Octagon Stemmed goblet, wine, cordial - Imperial Catalog 104A
Octagon Vase - Marigold
Imperial Ad - Octagon Vase
Octagon Wine - Blue
Octagon Wine - Helios
Octagon Wine Glass - Marigold
Octagon Wine Set, Marigold
Octagon Wine Set, Purple
Catalog Ad, Octagon Wine Set

Octet - Dome footed bowl - Green
Ogden Furniture - Plate - Marigold
Ohio Star - Millersburg
Ohio Star Compote - Marigold
Ohio Star compote - marigold
Ohio Star Tri-Corner dish - marigold
Ohio Star vase - amethyst
Ohio Star vase - green
Ohio Star vases, Green
Ohio Star vase, Marigold

Olympic Compote - amethyst
Olympic Compote - green exterior
Olympic Compote - green interior
Omnibus - US Glass
Omnibus Pitcher - Honey Amber with Marigold Overlay
Omnibus Tumbler - Green
Omnibus Tumbler - Honey Amber
Omnibus Tumbler Base - Honey Amber
Omnibus Tumbler - Marigold - aka: Quebec
One Fifty One (#151) - US Glass
#151 Candlesticks (Tiffin), Sapphire
Open Edge - Fenton
Open Edge Chop Plate
Open Edge Basket - ice blue
Open Edge Basket - ice green
Open Edge Basket - marigold - Feldman Bros. Furniture Advertising
Open Edge Basket Interior - marigold - Miller Furniture Advertising
Open Edge Basket Interior - marigold - John H. Brand Advertising
Open Edge Basket - red w/ berries
Open Edge Basket - vaseline
Open Edge Basket - white
Open Edge Basket - white w/ berries
Open Edge Plate - 8" marigold w/ berries
Open Edge Vase - marigold
Two Row Open Edge
Two Row Open Edge Banana Boat - White
Two Row Open Edge Basket
Open Rose - Imperial
Open Rose Berry Bowl - Helios Green
Open Rose bowl, 6? Cobalt Blue
Open Rose bowl, 9?Powder Blue
Open Rose bowl - rare blue
Open Rose Centerpiece bowl, Marigold
Open Rose 9?Plate Exterior, Purple
Open Rose plate - amethyst
Open Rose 9" Plate - Helios
Open Rose plate, 9? Purple
Open Rose Rose Bowl - Helios
Optic and Buttons  - Imperial
Bowl, two-handled, 8 ½?/B>
Optic Flute - Imperial
Optic Vase - Dugan - Diamond
Orange Peel - Westmoreland
Orange Tree - Fenton
Orange Tree Mugs
Orange Tree - Footed - Fenton
Orange Tree Orchard - Fenton
Orange Tree Scroll - Fenton

Oriental Poppy - Northwood
Orphan Annie - Westmoreland

Oval and Round - Imperial

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