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Pacific Coast Mail Order
Paden City Syrup - Marigold
Palm Beach - US Glass
1909 Butler Bros. Ad
1912 Butler Bros Ad
1909 U.S. Catalog ad-Palm Beach
Butter Dish Base - white
Creamer - Honey Amber
Palm Beach exterior of Gooseberry Bowl
Plate - Amethyst with gold exterior
Rosebowl - Goofus on Clear Glass
Rosebowl - Marigold
Sauce - flared -  Marigold
Spooner - Honey Amber
Square Bowl - Goofus with golld painted interior
Spooner Vase Whimsies:
Table Set ?White
Tumblers - Honey Amber
Vase in marigold
Vase in marigold over custard
Vase in purple
Vase in white
Vase Whimsey - Purple
Water Pitcher - Honey Amber
Water Set - White
Whimsey bowls:
Elongated - marigold
Square - Lavender
Square - Honey Amber
Tri-Corner - Honey Amber

Paneled Cherry Jug - Marigold
Jenkins Ad - Paneled Cherry Jug
Paneled Daisy and Cane Basket - US Glass
Paneled Daisy and Cane Basket
UPDATE - Paneled Daisy and Cane Basket
Paneled Dandelion - Fenton
Paneled Dandelion - Amethyst
Paneled Dandelion - Blue
Paneled Dandelion - Green
Paneled Dandelion - Green, Handle on Seam
Paneled Dandelion - Marigold
Paneled Dandelion Vase, Blue
Paneled Diamonds and Bows - Fenton
Paneled Diamonds & Bows ?Blue
Paneled Diamonds & Bows - Marigold
Paneled Holly - Northwood
Paneled Holly Pitcher - Amethyst
Paneled Palm - US Glass
Mug - Marigold
Tumbler - Marigold

Paneled Thistle Tumbler - light marigold
Paneled Tree Trunk Vase - Purple - Dugan
Paneled Tumbler - marigold - Blum Dept. Store - Stenciled Lettering
Paneled Vase in Marigold
Panels Vase, Celeste Blue
Pansy - Imperial
Pansy Breakfast Set - Amber
Pansy Dresser Tray - Marigold
Pansy  Dresser Tray - Purple
Pansy Low - Ruffled Bowl - Helios Green
Pansy  Nappy - Marigold
Pansy Oval Relish Dish - Helios Green
Panther - Fenton
Panther 5?Bowl - Cherry Red
Panther 5?Bowl - Dark Red
Panther 5" Bowl - Marigold

Paradise Sodas Advertising Plate
Paradise Brand Cracker Box
Parkersburg Elk Bell
Parkersburg 1914 Bowl
Parkersburg Elk Plate
Parlor Panels - Imperial
Parlor Panal - Amethyst
Parlor Panels - Amber
Parlor Panels - Helios
Parlor Panels - Marigold
Parlor Panels - Smoke
Parlor Panels - Smoke, 11 1/2 inches
Imperial Catolog Ad
Peach - Northwood
Peach - small berry - white
Peach Tumbler - Marigold
Peach Water Set - White with Gold Trim
Peach and Pear - Diamond Glass
Peach & Pear banana boat

Peacock and Dahlia
Peacock Pitcher
Peacock - Millersburg
Anatomy of a Peacock
Peacock - 6" sauce in amethyst
Peacock Banana Shape - Amethyst
Peacock - 9 1/2?Ice Cream Bowl - Amethyst
Peacock - Plate - 6? Amethyst
Peacock - Proof - 5 ½? Amethyst
Peacock Rosebowl - Marigold
Peacock 9" IC Bowl - Green
Peacock Ruffled Sauce - Green
Peacock - Shotgun Sauce - 5 ½?Green
Peacock - Small Berry Bowl - 6? Amethyst
Peacock Tri-Corner - Amethyst
Peacock Lamps
Peacock Lamp, Amethyst
Peacock Lamp, Marigold
Peacock Lamp, Purple
Peacock Lamp, Red
Peacock & Grape - Fenton
PG 9?bowl - A.O.  - 8 ruffle
PG 9?bowl - P.O.  - mould or IC shape
PG 6" bowl - red - Ruffled
PG bowl - 3/1 edge - Vaseline Opal
PG Ruffled Bowl - Moonstone
PG 9" collar plate - green
PG 9" spatula footed plate - blue
Peacock and Urn - Fenton
Peacock and Urn Bowl - Amethyst
Peacock and Urn Compote - Celeste
Peacock and Urn - Millersburg
Peacock and Urn - Chop Plate - Amethyst
Peacock and Urn - Chop Plate - 11 1/2? Marigold
Peacock and Urn - Chop Plate - Marigold
Peacock and Urn Compote - amethyst
Peacock and Urn Giant Compote - Green
Peacock and Urn - Ice Cream Bowl - 10? Green
Peacock and Urn - Large Compote - Amethyst
Peacock and Urn - 揗ystery?Bowl - 9? Green
Peacock and Urn - 揝hotgun?Bowl - 7 ½? Green
Peacock and Urn - Variant - 6 ½?Sauce - Amethyst
Peacock and Urn - Northwood
Master ice cream bowl - amethyst
Master ice cream bowl - ice blue
Peacock and Urn IC Bowl, Sapphire
Peacock and Urn Ruffled Bowl, Amethyst
Peacock and Urn Ruffled Bowl, Marigold
Chop plate - amethyst
Chop Plate - amethyst
Chop plate - ice green - 4 photos scroll down
Small plate - amethyst
Personal Account by Dorothy Harding
Peacock & Urn FAKE - 3 Photos scroll down
Peacock at the Fountain - Northwood
NEW Peacock at Ftn. Bowl, Pink
Peacock at Ftn. Bowl, Aqua Opal
Peacock at Ftn. Bowl, Blue
Peacock at Ftn. Bowl, Sapphire
Peacock at the Fountain Fruit Bowl - Green
Peacock at the Fountain Master Berry, white
Peacock at the Fountain Rosebowl
Peacock at the Fountain Punch Sets:
Aqua Opal
Ice Green - base
Lime Green - bowl
Marigold - filed top edge
Peacock at Ftn. Spittoon, Amethyst
Peacock at the Fountain Water Sets
Peacock at the Fountain -  Amethyst
Peacock at the Fountain ?Blue
Peacock at the Fountain ?Green
Peacock at the Fountain ?Ice Blue
Peacock at the Fountain ?Marigold
Peacock at the Fountain ?White
Peacock Gardens - Fenton
Peacock Gardens Vase - Marigold
Peacocks or Peacocks on the Fence - Northwood
Peacocks Bowl - Aqua Opal
1912 Butler Bros Ad
Peacocks Bowl - Blue Opal
Peacocks Bowl, Powder Blue Opal
Peacocks NEW Bowl, Marigold
Peacocks Bowl exterior, Peach Opal
Peacocks Bowl interior, Peach Opal
Peacocks Bowl, White
Peacocks Plate - Emerald Green
Photo: Blue PEACOCK (bird)
Photo: White PEACOCK (bird)
White Peacock Tree Ornament

Peacock Tail (Dugan)
Peacock Tail - Fenton
Advertising Bowls:
Peacock Tail bowl 7 1/2? green
Peacock Tail bowl - green - Double stamped Horlacher
Advertising Hats:
Peacock Tail hat - green - General Furniture Co. 1910
Peacock Tail hat, 6 ¼?Green - General Furniture
Peacock Tail hat - green - Arthur O'Dell
Peacock Tail Hat - green - Delmar Garden
Peacock Tail hat - green - Hudson's - Tahlequah, Okla.
Peacock Tail hat - green - Truckey & Sons
Bon - Bon - Marigold
Bowl, 6 1/2 ", IC - Red
Bowl, 9? 3/1 edge - Amethyst
Bowl, 9? 3/1 edge - Green
Bowl, 9? 3/1 edge - Marigold
Bowl, 10? 3/1 edge - Amethyst
Bowl, sq. 7?- Amethyst
Bowl, sq. 8 ¾?- Marigold
Bowl, 9?crimped - Amethyst
Bowl, 9? TCRE - Amethyst
Hat, 6 ¼? - Blue
Hat, 6 ¼?-  Marigold
Plate, 6?- Marigold
Sauce, 6?-  Blue
Sauce, 5-51/2? Green
Sauce, 5 ½?- Peach Opal
Peacock Tail and Daisy - Westmoreland
Peacocktail & Daisy Bowl, Blue Opal.
Peacocktail & Daisy Ext., Blue Opal
Peacocktail & Daisy Bowl, Marigold
Peacocktail & Daisy Plate, Red - (Levay)
Peacock Tail Variant - Millersburg
Peacock Tail Vt. compote - amethyst
Peacock Tail Vt. compote - green
Peacock Tail Vt Compote - Marigold
Pearly Dots - Westmoreland
Pearly Dots Bowl - Amethyst
Pearly Dots Bowl - Amethyst Exterior
Pearly Dots Bowl - Green
Pearly Dots Bowl - Blue Opal
Pearly Dots Bowl - Peach Opal
Pearly Dots Compote - Blue Opal
Pearly Dots Compote - Peach Opal
Pearly Dots Compote Exterior - flattened - marigold over milk glass
Pearly Dots Compote Interior - flattened - marigold over milk glass
Variant Compote Exterior - Iridized Blue Milk Glass
Variant Compote Interior - Iridized Blue Milk Glass

Pedestal Candlesticks - White
Peek-a-boo Toothpick Holder - Mckee Glass
Peek-a-boo Toothpick Holder - Marigold
McKee Book diagram, Peek-A-Boo
Peerless Colonial  - Indiana Glass
Breakfast Set - marigold
Indiana Glass Catalog Ad
1927 Butler Bros. ad

Penn - Mar Goblet - marigold
Penny Match Holder - Purple
Peoples Vase - Millersburg
Peoples Vase - Blue
Peoples Vase - Amethyst
Peoples Vase -Green
Perfection - Millersburg
Perfection Pitcher (straight top) - Amethyst
Perfection Pitcher  - (ruffled top) - Marigold
Perfection Pitcher, Marigold
Perfection Pitcher/Tumbler - (ruffled top) - Amethyst
Perfection Pitcher/Tumbler, Green
Perfection Tumbler, Marigold
Persian Garden - Dugan
Chop Plate - only known Lavender
Chop Plate - Peach Opal
Chop Plate - White
Fruit bowl and base - Amethyst
Fruit bowl and base - Peach Opal
Fruit bowl and base - White
Small Plate - Amethyst
Small Plate ?Blue
Small Plate - Blue
Small Plate ?White
Pool of Pearls Exterior ?White
Persian Medallion - Fenton
PM Bon Bon - Amethyst
PM Bon Bon - Aqua
PM BonBon - Celeste
PM BonBon - Red
PM Bowl, 10?- Green
PM Chop Plate - Blue
PM Compote, lg. - Green
PM Hair Receiver - White
PM Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Catalog ad
PM Plate, 9?- Mgld. Exterior
PM Plate, 9?- Mgld. Interior
PM Plate, 9?- Amethyst
PM Plate, 9?- White
PM Rosebowl - Green
PM Rosebowl - Marigold
PM Sauce with Grape & Cable Exterior
PM Small Plate - 6 inch
Petal and Fan - Dugan
Petal & Fan Bowl, Amethyst
Petal & Fan bowl - P.O.
Petal & Fan Bowl, White
Petal & Fan crimped edge plate - P.O.
Petal & Fan Plate, Amethyst

Petals - Ice Blue - Rare
Peter Rabbit - Fenton
Peter Rabbit Bowl - Marigold
Peter Rabbit Plate

Petersborough Tumbler
Pig Mustard Jar - Marigold
Pillar Flute - Imperial
Bargain House Catalog ad
Bowl, dome ftd., marigold
Bowl, round, marigold
Bowl, square, marigold
Breakfast Set - marigold
Celery tray, smoke
Chop plate, marigold
Compote, marigold
Console set, marigold
Creamer in clambroth
Nappy, round, marigold
Oval relish dish, marigold
Pitcher -  Marigold
Rose bowl, marigold
Plate, 7 1/2 inch - Marigold
Vase, marigold
Pillow and Sunburst - Westmoreland
Pillow and Sunburst bowl exterior
Pillow and Sunburst bowl interior
Pillow and Sunburst Bowl, Marigold
Pillow and Sunburst Plate, Marigold
Pinched Swirl - Dugan
Pinched Swirl Rose Bowl, P.O.
Pinched Swirl Spittoon - Peach Opal
Pinched Swirl Spittoons, Whimsey
Pinched Swirl Vase, Marigold
Spring 1905-1906 Butler Bros. Ad
Pineapple and Fan
Pineapple and Fan Covered Jar
Pineapple and Fan Flat Server
Pineapple and Fan Liquor Set
Pineapple and Fan Tumble Up
Pineapple and Fan Tumbler, Marigold
Pineapple and Fan - US Glass 1909 catalog

Pine Cone plate - Sawtooth
Pine Cone plate - 12-sided
Pink Flamingo Shot Glass
Pinups Bowl - Dark
Pipe Humidor - Millersburg
Plaid - Fenton
Plaid Bowl - Celeste
Plain Jane - Imperial
Plain Jane Bowl - Smoke
Plum and Cherries - Northwood
Plum and Cherries Tumbler - Blue - Front
Plum and Cherries Tumbler - Blue - Back
Plume Panels - Fenton
Plume Panels Vase - Amethyst
Plume Panels vase - Marigold
Plume Panels Vase - Red
Poinsetta - Imperial
Poinsettia Milk Pitcher - Helios
Poinsettia Milk Jug - Purple
Poinsettia Pitcher - Purple
Poinsetta and Lattice - Northwood
Poinsettia & Lattice Bowl - Cobalt Blue
Poinsettia & Lattice Bowl - Ice Blue
Pond Lily - Fenton
Pond Lily Bonbon - White
Pond Lily BonBon - Card Tray Shape - Ice Green
Pony - Diamond Glass
Pony Bowl - Amethyst
Pony Bowl - Amethyst (purple)
Pony Bowl - Aqua
Pony Bowl - Ice Green
Pony Bowl - Marigold

Poppy - Millersburg
Poppy - Northwood
Poppy Pickle Dish - Aqua Opal
Poppy Pickle Dish - ice blue
Poppy Pickle Dish, Mgld. over Custard Interior
Poppy Pickle Dish, Mgld. over Custard Exterior

Poppy Scroll bowl
Poppy Show Vase - Imperial
Poppy Show - Marigold
Poppy Show - Purple
Imperial Ad
Poppy Show Vase, Amber
Poppy Show Vase, Smoke
Poppy Show - Northwood
Baltimore Bargain House Ad Showing Northwood Items
Poppy Show Bowl - Aqua Opal
Poppy Show Bowl - Green
Poppy Show Exterior - Green
Poppy Show Bowl - Horehound
Poppy Show Bowl - Ice Blue
Poppy Show Bowl - Ice Green
Poppy Show Bowl - Purple
Poppy Show Plate - Aqua Opal
Poppy Show Plate - Blue
Poppy Show Plate - Aqua Opal
Poppy Show Plate - Green
Poppy Show Plate - Light Ice Blue
Poppy Show Plate - Marigold
Poppy Variant - Northwood
Poppy Variant bowl - marigold
Poppy Vt. - amethyst
Poppy Vt. - green
Poppy Vt. - marigold

Portland Elk Bell
Portland and Portland Variant - US Glass
U.S. Glass Export Ad
Portland Butter - Creamer - Sugar
Portland Vase
Portland and Portland Variiant Tumblers
Portland Variant - Marigold

Potpourri - Green
Premium Candlesticks - Imperial
Premium Candlesticks - Marigold
Premium Swirl - Imperial
Premium Swirl Console Set - Marigold

Premium Label
Primrose - Millersburg
Primrose Bowl, Radium, Amethyst
Primrose Bowl, Satin, Amethyst
Primrose Bowl, Radium, Marigold
Primrose Bowl, Satin, Marigold
Primrose Bowl - Blue
Primrose Bowl - Marigold
Princess Lamp
Princess Lamp
Princess Lamp with shade bracket
Priscilla - Fenton
Priscilla Bonbon, Aqua Exterior
Priscilla Bonbon, Aqua Interior
1951 Catalog Ad - Priscilla pattern
Prisms - Westmoreland
Prisms Bonbon - Compote - Amethyst
Prisms Bonbon - Compote - Marigold
Prisms Bonbon - Compote - Teal
Propeller - Imperial
Propeller Small Compote - Helios Green
Propeller Vase - Marigold
Propeller Compote - Marigold

Prism & Star Cordial Set - Marigold
Puff Boxes
Collar-base version, Marigold
Miniature Puff Box - Celeste
Miniature Puff Box - Vaseline
My Lady's Powder Box
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad - My Lady's Powder Box
Diamond Glass
Rainbow pattern, Celeste
Souvenir (gold lettering), Celeste
Tree of Life Puff Box
Mid-Winter 1927 Butler Bros. Ad - Tree of Life
Fenton Art Glass
#53, Diamond Optic in Florentine Green
#643, Amber
#643, Celeste
#643, Marigold
#735 Puff Boxes - Grecian Gold
Three Marigold Puff Boxes
Sunset Covered Candy Box
Inwald Glass
Jacobean Ranger, Marigold
#643, Ice Green
#643, Russett
Rindskopf Glass
Heavy Vine, Marigold
Swirl Rib, Marigold
Pulled Loop - Dugan - Diamond
Pulled Loop Vase - Celeste
Pulled Loop Vase in Amethyst
Pulled Loop Vase in Amethyst (squat)
Pulled Loop Vase in cobalt blue
Pulled Loop Vase in peach opal
Pulled Loop Vase in white (squat)
Punch Sets
474 - Green
474 Catalog Ad
474 - Marigold
474 - Amethyst
Big Thistle Bowl Interior
Big Thistle Bowl / Base - Flared
Big Thistle Bowl / Base - Straight
Broken Arches Punch Set - Marigold
Imperial Catalog 104A Ad
Broken Arches Punch Set - Purple
Mid-Spring 1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Diamonds - Marigld- Bowl / Base
Diamonds - Marigld - Bowl / Base / Tumblers
Flute - Purple
Grape and Cable - Master - IG
1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Grape and Cable - Mid-size - IG
Grape and Cable - Small - IG
Grape and Cable - Mid-size - White
Grape and Cable - Small - White
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Flared bowl - Marigold
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Fleur De Lis Interior - Amethyst
Hobstar and Feather Punch Set - Tulip Top - Amethyst
Many Fruits - Amethyst
Many Fruits - Marigold
Many Fruits - White
Multi Fruits and Flowers - Amethyst - Flared
Multi Fruits and Flowers - Blue - Bowl / Base - Tulip
Multi Fruits and Flowers - Blue - Bowl / Base/ Cups - Tulip
Orange Tree - Blue
Orange Tree - Green
Stork in Rushes Punch Set - Amethyst
Whirling Star Punch Set (vintage) - Marigold
April 1912 Butler Bros. Ad
Whirling Star Punch Set (IG) - Green
Whirling Star Punch Set (IG) - Marigold

Pumpkin Figural
Puritan marigold plate (in black and white)
Puritan Plate - McKee ad
Puzzle - Dugan
Puzzle Bonbon ?Blue
Puzzle Bonbon ?White

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