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Sailboats - Fenton
Sailboats 6 inch Plate - Blue
Sailboats Goblet - Blue
Sailboats Sauce - Red Slag
Sailboats Wine - Marigold
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Ball - Mason Jar
Ball - Mason Jar Box
Beaded Oval Mirror, green & purple
Paneled or Colonial
Rubina Verde
Shell & Seaweed, Ameth.
Shell & Seaweed, Mgld.
Shell & Seaweed, Mgld./Moonstone

Sawtoothed Honeycomb (similarity) - marigold
Scales, Westmoreland
Banana Bowl - Peach Opal
Bowl  - Ruffled - peach opal
Butler Bros. ad Oct. 1909
Scales Plate - 6 inch - interior - Amethyst
Scales Plate - 6 inch - exterior - Teal
Scales tri-cornered bowl - Peach Opal
Scale Band - Fenton
Scale Band Bowl in Vaseline 01
Scale Band Bowl in Vaseline 02
Scale Band Bowl in Vaseline 03
Scale Band Set, Green
Scale Band Set, Marigold
Scale Band Tumbler, Vaseline

Scroll and Grape Bowl
Scroll and Flower Panels - Imperial
Imperial Catalog Ad - Scroll & Flower Panels
Scroll and Flower Panels, Marigold
Scroll and Flower Panels, Purple
Scroll and Flower Panels, Marigold (IG)
Scroll and Flower Panels, Peacock (IG)
Scroll Embossed - Imperial
1911 Butler Bros. Ad
Bowl with File Ext., Purple
Compote - Helios
Eastern Star Exterior - Purple
File Exterior - 9?bowl - amberina
File Exterior - 9" bowl amethyst
File Exterior - 10?bowl - smoke
Goblet - Helios
Hobstar & Tassels crystal bowl
1909 Imperial Catalog Ad
Hobstar & Tassels exterior of purple bowl
Large Compote, Marigold
Large compote - Purple
Miniature compote - Marigold
Min. compote - Side View - Marigold
Purple bowl
Plate, Marigold
Plate - 9?- Marigold
Plate, Purple
Plate - 9?- Purple
Plate - 9.5" Plate - Helios - Front
Plate - 9.5" Plate - Helios - Rear
Plate - Helios
Plate - Hobstar and Tassel Exterior - Green
Sauce - Amber
Small Compote, Amber
Small compote - Purple
Small compote - Side View
Small Compote - Helios
Seacoast Pin Trays - Millersburg
Seacoast pin tray, Amethyst
Seacoast pin tray, Green
Seacoast pin tray, Marigold

Season's Greetings Advertising Plate
Seaweed - Millersburg
Seaweed Bowl - Amethyst
Seaweed Bowl - Blue
Seaweed, 10?bowl - Marigold
Seaweed sauce, IC shape - blue (2)
Seaweed sauce, ruffled - blue
Seaweed sauce, 3-1 edge - green
Seaweed sauce, ruffled - green

Serpentine Rose Creamer - Marigold
Seven Zero Eight (708) - Northwood
 #708 Candleholders, Sapphire
 #708 Candleholders, Vaseline
Shell - Imperial
Shell Plate - Helios
Feb. 1918 Broadway Rouss Catalog Ad
Shell Plate- Marigold
Shell - Westmoreland
Shell, Marigold over Milk glass
Shell, Peach Opal
Shell, Peach Opal
Shell and Jewels - Westmoreland
Shell and Jewels Sugar and Creamer - Green
Shell and Jewels Sugar and Creamer - Marigold
Shell and Jewels Sugar and Creamer - Green
Shell and Sand - Imperial
Shell and Sand Plate - Helios
Feb. 1918 Broadway Rouss Catalog Ad
Shell & Sand Plate - Purple
Sheraton - US Glass
Sheraton Creamer - Marigold flash
Aug. 1913 Butler ad
1919 U.S. Glass Ad
Ship and Beads - Westmoreland
Ship and Beads or Columbus Plate, Marigold
Slipper - High Top - Pastel Marigold
1915 Butler Bros. ad
Slippers - Miniature - Pastel Marigold
1918 Butler Bros. ad

Shrike bowl
Shriner's Champagnes - Westmoreland
1909 Louisville
1910 New Orleans
1911 Rochester - front
1911 Rochester - back

Silver Band Pitcher -(marigold)-(cutaway)
Silver Band/Silver Queen Tumblers-(marigold)
Simplicity Scroll - Westmoreland
Butler Bros. ad Fall 1908
Cigar Holder
Cigar Holder Souvenir
Toothpick - Black Amethyst
Singing Birds - Northwood
Berry Set - Blue
Berry Set - Green
Mug - Smooth - Green
1912 Butler Bros. Ad
Mug - Stippled
Water Set, Marigold
Water Set, Purple
Single Flower - Dugan
Single Flower (exterior pattern) bowl - P.O.
Single Flower handled basket - P.O.
Single Flower Basket with Camphor Glass handle
Single Flower- P.O. (ruffled)
Single Flower-P.O. (3/1 edge)
Silver Queen - Fenton
Silver Queen Enameled Pitcher - Marigold
Silver Queen Water Set
Six Petals - Dugan
Six Petals Crimped Bowl - amethyst
Six Petals Ruffled Bowl - white
Six Forty Nine Candlesticks - Fenton
Six-Forty-Nine - Celeste and Black
Six-Forty-Nine - Marigold and Black
Six-Forty-Nine - Two Tone Marigold
Six-Forty-Nine - White
Six Fifty One Candlesticks - Diamond Glass
Six-Fifty-One Candlesticks - Celeste
Six-Fifty-One Candlesticks - Ice Green
Six Fifty One - Northwood
Six - Fifty - One - N.  Candlestick, Russett
Six Fifty Seven Candlesticks - Northwood
Six Fifty-Seven Candlesticks - Celeste / Sapphire
Six-Fifty-Seven Candlesticks - Olive / Russett
Six-Fifty-Seven Candlesticks - Vaseline
Six Fifty Eight Candlesticks - Northwood
Six-Fifty-Eight Candlesticks - Celeste / Sapphire
Six Seventy Five - Northwood
# 675 Candlholders- Russet
# 675 Candleholders - Sapphire
Six Ninety Five - Northwood
# 695 Candleholders - Jade Blue
# 695 Candleholders - Sapphire
Six Sided Candlesticks - Imperial
Six-Sided Candlestick - Helios Green
Six Sided Candlesticks - Marigold
Six Sided Candlesticks - Purple

Skaters Shoe Miniature - Marigold
Ski Star - Dugan
Ski-Star Banana Bowl - Electric - Peach Opal
Basket - Peach Opal
Basket BB Ad 1910
Hand - Grip Plate - Decorated - Peach Opal
Hand - Grip Plate - Electric - Peach Opal
Hand - Grip Plate - Yellow irid. - Peach Opal
Compass - Exterior of Ski Star Plate
Mould Mark - Ext. on Ski - Star Plate
Mould Mark - Surface of Ski - Star Plate
Ruffled 6?Bowl - Oxblood
Triangular Bowl - Marigold
Slewed Horseshoe - US Glass
Slewed Horseshoe Crystal Punch Set
Slewed Horseshoe Crystal Ladle
Slewed Horseshoe Catalog Ad - US Glass
Pinwheel and Star Catalog Ad - reproduction - Indiana Glass
Slewed Horseshoe Punch Base and Cup - Green
Small  Rib
Butler Bros. Ad-1909
Compote - Ice Geen
Footed Bowl - Ice Green
Rosebowl - type compote - Marigold
Spittoon Shape compote - Amber

Small Thumbprint Mug - Marigold
Smooth Panels - Imperial
Flared bowl, Red
Rosebowl, Marigold
Marigold over milk glass
Marigold over milk glass
Marigold over Moonstone
Marigold over Moonstone
Yellow - Amber
Pearl Finish
Teal 4 1/2 inch vase
White-clear vase, 5"
White stretch vase, 7"
Smooth Rays - Dugan
Smooth Rays 6?plate, crimped
Smooth Rays - Imperial
Smooth Rays Bowl - Marigold
Smooth Rays - Northwood
Smooth Rays 1909 Butler Bros. Ad
Smooth Rays - Amethyst with Basketweave showing thru to front
Smooth Rays Bonbon - Amethyst
Smooth Rays Berry Bowl, sm., Marigold
Smooth Rays Bonbon, Amethyst
Smooth Rays Bonbon, Marigold
Smooth Rays Bowl, 9? Black Amethyst
Smooth Rays Bowl, 9? Green
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 1/2? Amethyst
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 1/2? Green
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 ½? Amethyst
Smooth Rays Compote, 4 ½? Marigold
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 ¾? Amethyst
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 ½? Green
Smooth Rays Compote, 5 ¾? Marigold
Smooth Rays - exterior with the floral design in marie
Smooth Rays - face of the one having floral design in marie
Smooth Rays Hatshape - green
Smooth Rays Small berry, Aqua Opal
Smooth Rays Small berry, Blue (Interior)
Smooth Rays - Westmoreland
Smooth Rays bowl, IC shape, Amethyst
Smooth Rays bowl, Ruffled, Amethyst
Smooth Rays bowl, Green
Smooth Rays bowl, Marigold over Milk Glass
Smooth Rays compote - blue opal
Smooth Rays Bowl - blue opal
Smooth Rays Bowl - marigold over milk glass

揝nap? Shots
Snow Fancy
Snow Fancy Breakfast Set - Marigold
1922 Butler Bros. Ad
Imperial Glass Catalog 104A - Snow Fancy Creamer
Imperial Glass Catalog 104A - Snow Fancy Spooner
Snow Fancy Imperial Catalog #104A Ad
Snow Fancy Master Berry Bowl - Marigold
Snow Fancy Master Berry Bowl - Purple
Snow Fancy Small Berry Bowl - marigold
Soda Gold - Dugan
Soda Gold - exterior of Garden Path
Soda Gold - Imperial
Soda Gold Console Set - Marigold
April 1929 Butler Ad - Soda Gold Candlesticks
Soda Gold Bowl - Smoke
Soda Gold Candlesticks - Smoke
Soda Gold Pitcher & Tumbler, Marigold
Soda Gold Pitcher & Tumbler, Smoke

Solar Lamp - Marigold
Solar Lamp close-up
Soutache - Dugan
Soutache, 9 inch bowl in Peach Opal
Soutache - interior and exterior
Southern Cross
Southern Cross Bowl - Marigold
Southern Cross Chop Plate - Marigold

Souvenir Millersburg Glass - Founded 1909 (Toothpick)
Sowerby Ashtray - Marigold
Sowerby Variant plate - Marigold
Spearhead & Diamond or Spearhead & Ribs - Fenton #916
Spearhead & Diamonds or Ribs Vases - Blue

Spector抯 Department Store Advertising Plate
Spiral Candlesticks - Imperial
Spiral Candlesticks, Marigold
Spiral Bell Candlesticks - US Glass
Spiral Bell Candlesticks - Celeste
Spiral Bell Candlesticks - Vaseline

Spiral Optic Candlesticks - Marigold
April 1929 Butler Ad-Spiral Optic Candlesticks
Spiral Ribbed Vases - Northwood
White Vase
Spiral Twist Candlesticks - Northwood
Spiral Twist, Sapphire
Spiralex Vases - Dugan - Diamond
Spiralex  Vase in amethyst
Spiralex Vase in white
Springtime - Northwood
Springtime Berry (small) - Amethyst
Springtime Water Set, Amethyst
Springtime Water Set, Green
S - Repeat - Dugan
S - Repeat Punch Set:
Purple Punch Cup Whimsey
S - Repeat Tumbler - Marigold
Stag and Holly - Fenton
Stag & Holly - Ball Footed Plate - Marigold
Stag and Holly Giant Rosebowl - Powder Blue
Stag & Holly Rosebowl - Blue
Star & File - Imperial
Celery Holder - Marigold
Compote - Handled - Marigold
Ad - April 1929 Butler Bros. Ad
Handled Celery - Clambroth
Juice Tumbler - New - Marigold
Juice Tumbler - Old - Marigold
Juice Tumbler - Interior IG - Marigold
Juice Tumbler - Interior Old - Marigold
Lemonade Tumbler - Marigold
Nut Bowl - Marigold
Open Sugar - Marigold
Oval Two - Handled Relish - Marigold
Plate - 5 inch - Marigold
Plate - 6 inch - Marigold
Ad - Imperial Catalog 104A
Rosebowl - Marigold
Round Bowl - Marigold
Round Two-Handled Bowl - marigold
Standard Tumbler - Marigold
Stemmed Compote - Marigold
Square Bowl - Marigold
Juice Tumbler - Marigold
Water Pitcher - Marigold
Wine Decanter - Amethyst
Wine Goblet - Marigold
Wine Set - Marigold
Star of David - Imperial
Star of David - Helios
Star of David - Marigold
Star of David and Bows - Northwood
Star of David and Bows
Starfish - Dugan
Starfish Bonbon - amethyst
Starfish Compote - Amethyst
Starfish Compote Exterior - P.O.
Starfish Compote Interior - P.O.
Starflower - Fenton
Starflower pitcher - Blue
Starflower Pitcher - Green
Starflower pitcher - Marigold
April 1931 Butler Ad
Bon-Bon - Marigold
Bowl - 6?7 ½?Smoke
Celery Vase - Clambroth
Celery Vase - Smoke
Custard Cup - Marigold
Goblet Whimsey (ruffled) - Marigold
Milk Pitcher - Clambroth
Milk Pitcher - Marigold
Milk Pitcher - Smoke
Plate - Clambroth
Sherbet - Marigold
Tumbler - Marigold
Stars and Bars - Cambridge
Punch set

Stars & Prisms Compote - Marigold
Statehouse of Indiana - Fenton
Statehouse of Indiana Plate - Blue
States - US Glass
States Bonbon - Green
States Butter Dish - Marigold
States Oval Dish - Marigold
US Glass 1909 ads
STATES pattern
SUNSHINE pattern
Steiner-Schwarz Furniture Bowl - Imperial
Steiner-Schwarz Furniture bowl - Marigold
Inside Advertising
Stippled Examples
Patterns with Stippling
Basket of Roses
Beaded Acanthus
Bellaire Souvenir
Flowers and Beads
Garden Path Variant
Heavy Grape
Little Fishes
Little Stars
Lustre Rose
Peacock and Urn
Two Flowers
Stippled Daisy - Northwood
Stippled Daisy - Amethyst
Stippled Daisy - Marigold
Stippled Daisy  - Marigold
Stippled Estate - Dugan
Stippled Estate (with 揻rit? 6?Vase, Aqua
Stippled Estate 3?Vase, P.O.
Stippled Estate (with 揻rit? 6?Vase, Vaseline
Stippled Estate vase - Amethyst
Stippled Flower
Stippled Flower - P.O. - Blue flowers
Stippled Flower - P.O.- Lavender flowers
Stippled Flower - P.O.- Lily of the Valley
Stippled Flower - P.O. White flowers
Stippled Mum - Northwood
Stippled Mum - Amethyst
Stippled Mum, Amethyst
Stippled Mum, Amethyst - Exterior
Stippled Mum, Green
Stippled Mum, Green - Northwood N
Stippled Mum, Green - Exterior
Stippled Mum, Marigold
Stippled Petals
Stippled Petals - Long Leaf handled basket - P.O.
Butler Bros Ad 1910
Stippled Petals, Amethyst
Stippled Petals, Peach Opal
Stippled Petals Banana Boat, Peach Opal

Stippled Rambler Rose - Marigold
Stippled Rays - Fenton
Stippled Rays BonBon - Amethyst
Stippled Rays BonBon - Blue
Stippled Pays Bowl - 5" - Amberina
Stippled Rays Bowl - 9" - Amethyst
Stippled Rays bowl - green - CRE - 4 sides up
Stippled Rays Bowl - 9 1/2 " - Marigold
Stippled Rays bowl - marigold. - CRE round
Stippled Rays bowl - red - IC shape
Stippled Rays Bowl - 10" - Tri Corner - Amethyst
Stippled Rays Breakfast Set - Marigold
Stippled Rays hat - amethyst
Stippled Rays Hat - Green
Stippled Rays - Marigold - Magnolia Exterior
Stippled Rays - Marigold - Interior
Stippled Rays Breakfast Set - Marigold
Stippled Rays Sugar Bowl - Vaseline
Stippled Rays 11?bowl, white
Stippled Rays compote, celeste
Stippled Rays compote, celeste
Stippled Rays compote, ice green
Stippled Rays compote, vaseline
Stippled Rays - Northwood
Stippled Rays Bowl - Marigold
Stippled Rays Bowl - 9 1/2 " - CRE Green
Stippled Rays PCE Bowl- Amethyst
Stippled Rays PCE Bowl with Drapery Exterior - Green
Stippled Rays Ruffled Bowl - Amethyst
Stippled Rays Ruffled Bowl - Green
Stippled Rays Ruffled Bowl - Ice Blue
Stippled Rays Ruffled Bowl - Marigold
Stippled Rays Rosebowl - Amethyst
Stippled Rays - Unknown Maker
Bowl, 9", olive green - maker unknown
Bowl, 9 ", olive green - marie and exterior
Stippled Strawberry - Jenkins
Stippled Strawberry
Butler Bros Ad 1915
Stippled Strawberry - US Glass
1927 Butler Bros Ad
1931 Butler Bros Ad
Bowl, Marigold
Custard Cup, Marigold
Jelly Dish, Marigold
Pitcher, Marigold
Plate, Marigold
Sherbet, Marigold
Tumbler, Marigold
Tumbler Base
Stork in Rushes
Basket - Marigold
Beaded Tumbler - Blue
August 1920 Butler Bros Ad
Butter Dish - Marigold
Creamer - Lime Green
Hat Shape - Marigold
Lattice Band Pitcher - Amethyst
Lattice Band Tumbler - Amethyst
Lattice Tumbler - Marigold
Mug - Aqua with Marigold Overlay
Mug - Powder Blue with Marigold Overlay
Mug - Marigold
Punch Set - Marigold
Punch Set - Amethyst
Spooner (Beaded) - Marigold
Table Set - Beaded - Marigold
Tumbler - Flared - Marigold
Tumbler Reproduction in Marigold

Strawberry - Fenton
Strawberry - Northwood
Lee Ad for Strawberry Bowl
Strawberry bowl - Lime green
Strawberry Plate - Amethyst
Strawberry Bowl (PCE) - Lime Green
Strawberry Bowl - Peach Opal
Strawberry Plate - Stippled - Green
Strawberry Plate - Unstippled - Green
Strawberry Stippled Bowl - Aqua Opal
Strawberry Epergne - Amethyst
Strawberry Scroll - Fenton
Strawberry Scroll Set - Marigold
Strawberry Wreath - Millersburg
Strawberry Wreath Bowl - Vaseline
Strawberry Wreath Bowl, Square, Green
Strawberry Wreath Compote, Absentee Leaf, Marigold
Strawberry Wreath Compote - Green
Strawberry Wreath Compote, Green Interior
Strawberry Wreath Compote, Green Exterior
Strawberry Wreath Compote - Vaseline

Stretch (blown) Vase - Amethyst - Imperial
Studs - Jeannette Glass
Studs Milk Pitcher, Marigold
Studs Serving Tray, Marigold
Studs Tray and Tumblers, Marigold
Strutting Peacock - Westmoreland
Struttling Peacock Sugar and Creamer - Amethyst
Style - Crown Crystal
Style Exterior pattern
Style - Lattice Interior
Style - Plain Interior
Summer Days - Diamond Glass
Summer Days Vase - Amethyst
Summer Days Vase - Marigold
Summer Days Vase Close up - Marigold

Sunbeam Whiskey glass
Sunburst - McKee
Sunburst Pitcher Ad from Complete Book of McKee
Sunburst Vase Ad from Complete Book of Mckee
Sunburst Vase - blue
Sunburst Vase - red/Amberina
Sunflower - Northwood
Sunflower Bowl - Aqua Opal
Sunflower Bowl, Aqua Opal - front view
Sunflower Bowl, Aqua Opal - exterior
Sunflower Bowl Exterior Meander - Aqua Opal
Sunflower Bowl Exterior Meander - Ice Blue
Sunflower Bowl, Amethyst
Sunflower Bowl, Black Amethyst
Sunflower Bowl, Electric Blue
Sunflower Bowl, Green
Sunflower Bowl - Ice Blue
Sunflower Bowl, Marigold
Sunflower Bowl, Renninger Blue

Sunflower Cruet
Sunflower Pin Tray - Millersburg
Sunflower pin tray, Amethyst
Sunflower pin tray, Green
Sunflower pin tray, Marigold

Sunken Hollyhock lamp
Swan - Marigold - Cambridge
Swan - Amethyst - Souvenir
Swan - Celeste
Swan - Dugan - Amethyst
Swan - Ice Green
Swan - IG Marked - Pink
Swan - IG Marked - Red
Swan - Jeannette and Box
Swan - Marigold
Swan - Peach Opal
Swan - Peach Opal
Swan - Vaseline

Sweet Sixteen Toothpick - Marigold
Sweetheart - Cambridge
Sweetheart Cracker Jar - Green
Sweetheart Cracker Jar
Sweetheart cracker jar ad
Sweetheart Tumbler

Swirl Tumblers - Amber
Swirl Liquor Set - Marigold
Swirl Rib - Imperial
Swirl Rib Bowl - Marigold
Swirl Rib Bowl, Smoke
1927 Butler Bros. Ad
Swirl Rib Bowl and Plate - Marigold
Swirl Rib Candy Jar, Smoke
1929 Butler Bros Ad
Swirl Rib 9?Plate, Marigold
Swirl Rib 12?Plate, Marigold
Swirl Rib Sherbet, Marigold
Swirl and Rib - Northwood
Swirl Rib, Vt. #1, Pitcher - marigold
Swirl Rib Vt. #3, Pitcher - marigold
Swirl Rib Vt. #9?, Pitcher - marigold
Swirled Hobnail - Millersburg
Swirled Hobnail Rosebowl - Amethyst
Swirled Hobnail Spittoon - Marigold
Swirled Hobnail vases, Am., Grn., Mgld.
Swirled Hobnail squatty vase, Green

Swirled Morning Glory Vase - Smoke - Imperial
Sydney Pitcher

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