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Zig Zag - Fenton
Zig Zag Pitcher - Amethyst
Columbine (on Zig Zag Pitcher) - Amethyst
Columbine (on Zig Zag Pitcher) - Green
Columbine (on Zig Zag Pitcher) - Marigold
Shasta Daisy  (on Zig Zag Pitcher) - Ice Green
Shasta Daisy (on Zig Zag Pitcher) - White
ZigZag - Millersburg
Zig Zag Bowl - Amethyst
Zipper Cross - Bryce - Higbee - New Martinsville Glass Co.
Zipper Cross, Marigold
Butler Bros. Ad - 1910
Zipper Loop Lamps
Clear Stem - 10 ¾?high - marigold
Clear Stem - 9?high - marigold
IG marked - marigold
IG marked - smoke
Large Size - 11?high - smoke
Large Size - 9?high - smoke
Large Size - 8 3/4?high - smoke
Medium Finger - smoke
Small Size - 7 ¾?high - smoke
Squatty Sewing - marigold
Zipper Loop Finger Lamps
Zipper Loop Large Size Stand Lamps
Zipper Loop Medium Size Stand Lamps (showing the Sewing Lamp in center)
Old  Imperial Catalog Ads for Zipper Loop Lamps
1909 Imperial Catalog print of Finger Lamps
1909 Imperial Catalog print of Sewing Lamp
1909 Imperial Catalog print of Stand Lamps (2)
Zippered Heart - Imperial
Zippered Heart Ad from Imperial Catalog #104A
Zippered Heart berry set, purple
Zippered Heart  lg.bowl, purple
Zippered Heart Rosebowl - Green

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