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Advertising within the Marie
ADVERTISING within the marie (collar base)

(Reverse side lettered pieces)

When John D. Resnik wrote his ENCYCLOPEDIA of CARNIVAL GLASS LETTERED PIECES in 1989, he stated in the FORWARD that the following three categories would not be found in his book:

Reverse side lettered pieces.
Painted or etched lettered pieces.
Common or readily available pieces such as nappies, hat shapes, and bottles of all ink.

At the time John's Book was published, we were already collecting the amethyst Advertising plates and Commemoratives which appear in segments previously posted on this site. Over the years since 1989, we have continued to build on that collection. During that search in time, we have noted that with the possible exception of the Peacock Tail hat shapes (excluding 揵ottles of all ilk?, none of the other categories of Advertising reveal themselves with any consistency; therefore indicating them to be within the rather scarce realm. Any of the 揂dvertising?items are as much a part of the history of carnival glass as any other iridized selection of glass. In coming segments we will be discussing some of the 損ainted or etched lettered pieces? as well, (i.e. stenciled and script lettering.)

With that in mind, we have accumulated some nice photographs taken while attending three auctions where these pieces were being sold from collections and believe that since little has been documented, surrounding these 搒pecialty?items, some of you at least, will be interested in viewing the examples to be collected. We cannot state that any of these elements should be termed 揷ommon or readily available? Quite the contrary! None of the examples shown in this segment are as readily found as Peacocks or Good Lucks in either of their forms: plates or bowls.

Such as we display here, are for the 揹iscerning?collector, who thoroughly enjoys having something out of the ordinary, without having to forego a house payment, apply for a new credit card limit, or 搆eep up with the Joneses? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not all worthwhile carnival glass need be in the extravagant expenditure classification to be enjoyed.


PEACOCK TAIL Hats: (Fenton) These are typically found in ruffled shape. Green seems to be the dominant color used for the molded lettering found on such hats.

Photos Courtesy of Buddy Beaird

PEACOCK TAIL Bowls: (Fenton) The 7?7 ½?ruffled shape is typically found to have the lettering. Typically, any lettered piece having this 揹ouble stamping?is said to be more unusual. Northwood carnival glass is also found having this 揹ouble stamping?

Green or amethyst are the usual colors found having this Horlacher advertising.


WILD BLACKBERRY : 9?Bowls: (Fenton) with lettering can be found with ruffled, 3/1, or CRE. Some amethyst bowls are known to have the H.MADAY & SONS 1910, as well.


THISTLE 9?Bowls: (Fenton) Lettered examples may have ruffled, 3/1, or CRE in green and amethyst.

VINTAGE 9?Bowls: (Fenton) can be found in ruffled style marigold with the HORLACHER lettering.


BUTTERFLIES BonBon: (Fenton) in amethyst, having the extremely unusual foil sticker intact with EASTER GREETINGS may be a one-of-a-kind? This four-sides up example appeared for sale in a Reichel Auction in 2004. Surely, over the years, many of the foil labels were removed from other such examples.

The card tray shape bonbons in this pattern are to be found both in amethyst and green with HORLACHER lettering.


HOLLY SPRIG BonBon: (Millersburg) The card tray shape bonbon having The GREAT HOUSE of ISAAC BENESCH lettering within the marie is found on marigold examples. Very few sell during any given auction year.

Dean & Diane Fry - 4-07

Should you care to contact the Frys, their email address is:

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