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Novelties - Part 11
NOVELTIES  - Part 11
Vintage Marigold Fenton BUTTERFLY Ornament. - $600.
Vintage Marigold Fenton BUTTERFLY Ornament. sold for $600.

BUTTERFLY ORNAMENT:  Created by Fenton Glass Co. for attachment to basket handles, there is a slight indentation on the underside, where a glob of glass could be placed for securing the ornament. These were manufactured in aqua, blue, marigold, green, ice blue, ice green and white. Blue and marigold seem to be more available than the other colors. A reported 40 examples are said to exist today.  The glass is fairly thick and nicely iridized on both sides. Measurements are: 2 3/8?long; 3 1/8?wide. The body is 1 ¼?long.

Seen in Dorothy Taylor's Book-Page 9. Fewer than 100 were made in the 1970sExterior of newer Butterfly. 7.75 in. wide x 6 + three-eighths in. tall.. Amethyst.
Left: - Seen in Dorothy Taylor's Book I - Page 9. Fewer than 100 were made.
Right: - Exterior of newer Butterfly. 7.75 in. wide x 6 3/8 in. tall - Amethyst.

Newer BUTTERFLY ORNAMENT is much larger, not as expensive as the older pieces, and only available in amethyst carnival.  A few were made in un-iridized amber and blue.  This butterfly candle holder was a sample made by Fenton in 1974.

AZTEC as seen in THE COMPLETE BOOK OF McKEE by Stout.AZTEC by McKee-Creamer, 3.75 in. tall x 5 75 in. spout to handle.
Left: - AZTEC as seen in THE COMPLETE BOOK OF McKEE by Stout.
Right: - AZTEC by McKee-Creamer, 3.75 in. tall x 5 75 in. spout to handle.

AZTEC CREAMER:  Another clear glass item produced by McKee Glass, illustrating the application of 揳fter-market?iridescence to satisfy the demand of the times.

ZIPPERED PANELS Miniature Butter Dish.-(named by Jim Seeck)-$115. 3-08.
ZIPPERED PANELS Miniature Butter Dish.
(named by Jim Seeck)- sold for $115. 3-08.
BANDED GRAPE Creamer - 3.25 in. tall.-$25.LITTLE JEWEL Finger Lamp.- $600.
Left: - BANDED GRAPE Creamer - 3.25 in. tall.- sold for $25.
Right: - LITTLE JEWEL Finger Lamp.- sold for $600.

ZIPPERED PANELS Butter Dish: This small child抯 play dish example is not on record anywhere that we have searched. From appearances, it is another example of 揳fter-market?iridizing by some enterprising sales outlet who could have purchased a few obscure pieces from any of the early pressed glass producers, feeling that the addition of some marigold would attract a new interest. This piece was in the Eleanor Hamilton miniature collection for many years.

BANDED GRAPE Creamer:  A comparison study of this pattern with that of Stippled Strawberry and Cherry Smash patterns attributed to U.S. Glass during the 1920s production, we find similarities both in the shallow grape/strawberry/cherry designs, as well as in the perpendicular lines of demarcation used in all the patterns. The type of marigold application strikes similar cords, as well. What do you think? Eleanor Hamilton enjoyed owning it and kept it with her miniatures for many years.

LITTLE JEWEL Finger Lamp:  With risk of repetition, we must say again that this falls into the 揳fter-market?category. Eleanor Hamilton enjoyed the unusual in miniatures and this was part of her collection.

We wonder that this might possibly be intended to represent Winston Churchill.
We wonder that this might possibly be
intended to represent Winston Churchill.

Likeness: WINSTON CHURCHILL Pitcher: We have no clue as to the maker of this clever little pitcher. We have never seen another. Should any of our viewers be better informed, please let us hear from you.

1 lb. COW Butter Mold Courtesy Rick Kojis.
1 lb. COW Butter Mold
Courtesy Rick Kojis.
Fall 1908 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog..
Fall 1908 Butler Bros. Wholesale Catalog.

COW Butter Mold:  Those acquainted with dairy farm life will recall that particularly prior to WWII, molded butter could be purchased along country roads where dairy cattle were raised, and stop where signs indicated there was 揃utter Sold Here!?Those were the days before 揻at-free?became fasionable.

This 1916 Butler Bros. Ad is the last time the mold is advertised during the years we had to work with in published accounts.

SAILING SHIP Plate-Courtesy Remmen Auctions.
SAILING SHIP Plate - Courtesy Remmen Auctions.

SAILING SHIP Plate:  We place this piece as one in question? Not able to locate its origin, perhaps our viewers can lend an answer? While the print of a sailing ship is visible, the sails appear to have been 搕ouched up?with red paint.

Dean & Diane Fry ?9-2010

Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty,
nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God,
who gives us richly all things to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works,
ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come,
that they may lay hold on eternal life. ~~~~ (1 Timothy 6:17-19)

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